Sharing the Joy of Life & Art Charity Art Show & Sale

Anne Hawkins is quite simply a lovely human who appreciates the world around her. Two years ago, Anne started painting. She was 86 years of age at the time. Since then, she has created over 100 works of art that reflect her surroundings and beautiful spirit.

“I just love to paint,” says Anne. “I was surprised at the quality of the work I did when I first started. It made me feel like I had something of value to offer the world.”

Anne says she is amazed at how we can use our imagination to interpret and capture the essence of something we admire. Her work is remarkable when you consider the fact that this 88-year-old has not had one lesson, seen any online tutorials, visited YouTube, or read instructional books.

Anne likes to paint birds, gardens, forests, and mountains. “Nature is so beautiful and brings me feelings of joy. I hope others have the same emotional reaction I do when they see my paintings.”

Charity Art Show and Sale

Soon people will have the opportunity to experience Anne’s art for themselves. On Saturday, March 4thfrom 10 am –2 pm, Chartwell Retirement Residence in Oakville is hosting an art show and charity fundraising sale which will support the Global Friends Foundation. Visitors can not only meet Anne and see her work, but purchase her paintings to support a very special program.

Anne and her husband of over 60 years, Bruce,  were educators. In 2019, a school was built in an impoverished area of Uganda to honor the couple. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of Anne’s art will support scholarships and food programs for children at the school that bears their names.

“I would never have thought I would have a school named after me and Bruce,” says Anne. She  smiles broadly then adds with a mischievous giggle, “especially since I was such a badass.”

When asked how she feels about selling her artwork, Anne cheerfully replies, “I’m not sad to let my paintings go. I am delighted to have people share my love for nature and we can help the kids.”

Anne hopes the lives of the children in Africa are better because of the education they will receive in her classrooms. She looks proudly at the paintings covering the floor and walls of her room, and says, “I think we are bringing joy to each other –mine for being able to give, and theirs for receiving the support they need.”