Our donors, partners and sponsors are sharing one world.

The kindness of strangers can transform individual lives and entire communities. We’ve seen those transformations first hand. It is truly remarkable to witness.

We have been raising funds for children around the world since 2007. The generosity of our donors allows us to develop and delivery our programs. We are so grateful for the gifts of so many.

Below are just a few of our donors.

  • 4 Star Drywall
  • Agway Metals
  • Blaze Contracting
  • Blu-Mar
  • Deschner Charitable Foundation
  • Everest Signs
  • Anne and Bruce Hawkins
  • Immaculata Regional High School GO Team
  • Innovative Metal Works
  • JW Roberts Enterprise
  • King Koating Roofing Inc.
  • Kelowna Foundation for Hope and Innovation
  • Steelcon Fabrication
  • Metro Concrete
  • Morgan Demolition
  • O’Connor Electric
  • O’Connor MacLeod Hanna
  • Practical Plumbing
  • Kerry and Dana Reinke
  • ​Tamarack Lumber ​
  • Vor-Tech