Catherine Mulvale

Founder & Director

Terry Wallace

Board Member

Ann LeBlanc

Board Member

Beth Robertson

Board Member

Zack Mulvale

Development Mgr

Catherine Mulvale, Founder, Director (volunteer) and the Heart of Global Friends

Catherine is the heart of Global Friends. She founded the organization in response to the request of a young Ugandan boy who asked her to save his life.

Dedicated to meeting the needs of others, Catherine believes in the potential of all people and the power of cooperative, reciprocal relationships. She thrives on challenge and strives to develop and implement solutions that support the development of local and global communities. Founding her first charity in 1999, Catherine has raised over $27 million and is respected for her ability to build not for profit organizations. She is known for introducing innovative programs that attract funding, provide meaningful benefits to all partners, and improve quality of life.

Catherine is the Founder and Director of Dynamite Design, Strategies for LIFE, and the Global Friends Foundation. She is the former Executive Director of the Canadian Foundation for Infectious Diseases and Executive Director of the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation.

Terry Wallace, Board Member

Terry owns several successful Canadian businesses. He is respected for his commitment to excellence, collaborative approach, humour and values. He immigrated to Canada from Wales as a young man and is grateful to be living and thriving in Canada.

Terry says that when he met Catherine Mulvale he was inspired by the stories about her own life and, in particular, her adventures in Africa.  He wanted to help and he wanted his company, clients and partners to be involved. He wanted to bring his expertise for building to extend across continents.  Terry’s vision and generosity has resulted in the annual presentation of the Penalta Group FORE! Rafiki Golf Tournament and Celebration. Terry admits that the Penalta team really didn’t know what they were getting into when they started their journey with Global Friends but the result has been a lot of fun and abundant funding for schools, water projects, education and the transformation of thousands of lives. Terry asserts that this is just the beginning!

Terry says his involvement with Global Friends keeps him grounded and underscores how thankful he is to be living in Canada. Global Friends is thankful for Terry’s expertise, generous heart and ability to inspire good people.

Ann LeBlanc, Board Member

Ann LeBlanc worked professionally with Catherine for a number of years prior to her retirement from the scientific publishing industry. She chose to join Global Friends for the 2018 trip to Uganda and Tanzania in order to gain a better understanding of the organization and the programs and people it supports.

The trip proved to be a life-altering experience. It has allowed Ann to envision the future development of the Foundation. She is excited to apply her extensive background in business, her determination and her VERY positive attitude to make a significant difference to the Foundation, volunteer colleagues, and most importantly the children of Uganda, Tanzania and wherever Global Friends takes her.  Ann’s vision is big, her will is strong and she is perfectly matched to helping GFF reach its greatest potential.

Beth Robertson, Board Member

Beth Robertson dedicated 32 years of her life to educating high school students in the subjects of history, civics, law, politics, human rights, parenting, geography and physical education while coaching multiple competitive teams. Beth is one of “those teachers”, the ones kids talk about long after they leave her classroom.  She’s been a gift to over 4,000 students influencing how they see, interpret, interact with and help shape the world.

Beth says that education is the root of true independence of thought and action and that she hopes that every child in every country gets the chance to experience what education can do to benefit their lives. Global Friends built the TITANS (Teaching Independent Thought, Action and Necessary Skills) school in Uganda to honour Beth and all she wants for others. Beth recently embarked on a second career and currently serves as a Councillor for the Town of Oakville.

Zack Mulvale, Development and Events Manager

Zack has grown up with Global Friends. He’s been helping bring communities in Canada and around the world together since he was 14 years old. Zack has volunteered at or participated in every Global Friends fundraisers, been the guest speaker at multiple events, and traveled twice to East Africa.

Zack says, “My first visit to Africa was in 2009. It really opened my eyes. Seeing the environments and challenges the kids faced was both humbling and encouraging. On my first visit, I expected to meet only sad, hungry, needy children. Instead, I found children who were a lot like me — so happy and hopeful. I quickly realized their optimism was because of Global Friends. After actually meeting the kids I had raised money to support, all the events I had participated had new meaning. I realized how profound the impact of my efforts at home had on kids living half a world away.”

Fast forward ten years, add a Sport Management degree, a whole lot of growing up and Zack is back. This time as  the first Global Friends employee and as a man with a full appreciation for his ability to create meaningful change. Zack says meeting the young people who benefited from the scholarships and housing he helped fund during his return in 2018 was unreal.  He adds that Global Friends brings the world a little closer together through a welcoming entity that assures everyone their individual involvement is important.