Shedding Sadness for Safari Dreams

Peter Isaac Asseno had dreams of being the best safari and tour guide in Tanzania. He lives in a country that offers too few opportunities. His life is going to be tough. It already has been.  He has endured more sadness, prejudice and hardship than we will ever know but he will survive and thrive. He is already doing so. Can he push through the adversity in front of him and succeed? This is Isaac’s story

Finding Happiness — Natalie’s Adventure

When I was told that I was going to Africa, I had no words. I didn’t know what to expect. I was extremely excited but also very nervous. I knew that the funds we raised for Global Friends through the annual Penalta FORE! Rafiki Golf Tournament were changing lives for the better and improving communities, but I didn’t realize just how much until I saw it for myself. It was the bonds I created with all the different people of this journey that changed my life for the better. I came home with a new perspective on life. New appreciation for things I took for granted. New patience for things I used to complain about. It has changed me in ways for which I will forever be grateful. Read Natalie’s Full Story Now

Students are Compassionate and Lovely People

“I believe the students in Oakville are compassionate and lovely people,” affirms Anna from half a world away. She is tiny for a 17 year old likely due to malnutrition suffered during her younger years but her size belies her strength. Despite her past, Anna is strong of spirit, mind and body and her stunning outward appearance reflects the beautiful mind and soul that reside within that petite frame. This is Anna’s story.

Mama Jane, Mother of Many

As we worked, she cooked and sewed, made handbags for sale, did the banking, managed volunteers and laundry, and strategized with us to help create the best futures for her 43 children and those in the neighbourhood. The experience and the woman were remarkable. Read the Mama Jane’s Full Story Now (Coming Soon)

Lessons Under the Mango Tree

The outdoor classroom is, by far, an exquisite education setting. That will soon change. When the rainy season begins, classes will be dismissed – indefinitely. The rain that brings life to fields and gardens, will also end the season of learning. GFF is helping bring education to Gayaza sub-county in Uganda. Learn how Global Friends is transforming a community

We Are So Lucky

Dana Reinke says being lucky is a gift. She and her husband, Kerry, have chosen to share their good luck. Dana noted that “as we learned more about Global Friends, we realized how much the money our family donated could do.” Today, thousands of children will be educated and have the opportunity to live free from one of the most crippling barriers of poverty because of the Reinkes. Dana share why her family chooses to give to Global Friends.