AGNES MIREMBE, ARUWE | Executive Director, ARWUE

What comes first to our minds is FRIENDS. We have been friends with Global friends for over five years now. Global Friends is not just a traditional donor or funder but actually holds hands together with us in making this world a better place for children. Global Friends is a mutual partner in transforming the lives of vulnerable children.

The projects that we have implemented with the Global Friends have been born from discussions with our communities (children, schoolteachers and local leaders) and Global Friends. Our partnership is based on trust, and respect for one another. Global Friends LISTENS to our opinions and recommendation from grassroots.

Global Friends supports ARUWE to serve and work with children and youth in and out of school by helping them develop skills so they can become employed and creating an enabling environment to keep them in school and secure a future.

Children in schools supported by Global Friends are also able to study in a better environment i.e. improved classrooms, WASH facilities, dormitories, etc. Student attitudes towards life change for the better as a result of these programs.

Global Friends has enabled ARUWE to work towards realizing our vision. “A world in which women and children realize their full potential”

Global friends is a partner who supports ARUWE’s dream of improving the lives of children and youth and works with you to bring this to reality.

CAROLE AND EDWIN MASANTA – Co-Founders of FEA (Foundation for Empowerment and Advocacy, Tanzania), GFF Partner (Tanzania)

Global Friends benefits FEA and the community

Global Friends, through the Wezesha Scholarship Program, has helped to supplement the government’s efforts to provide education to needy youths. As FEA we recognize the complementary role this program has played to support us to educate needy and academically able youths.  This is in line with Tanzania’s vision 2025 blue print to transform Tanzania into a middle-income economy led by trained citizens.

Since its inception, the program has transformed lives and deserving youths have been provided with an opportunity to obtain quality education at tertiary level with resultant benefits including job placement at Kilimanjaro International Airport (K.I.A), Swizz port, Safari Rangers (Tour company). From these new opportunities, the scholarship has instilled a greater sense of belonging – and motivation.

By taking some of the financial pressure off vulnerable youths and families, GFF has enable greater success at Fea Training Centre, helping deserving students who want to develop skills and give back to society to improving their livelihood.