ANN LeBLANC | Global Friends 2018 Uganda and Tanzania Building Team, Donor, Volunteer, Board Member

I’ve personally witnessed Global Friend’s accomplishments in Uganda and Tanzania.  On a smaller scale, it has broadened my knowledge and understanding of the needs and the programs.  It was pure joy learning how little it took to made a big difference – building a playground, distributing shoes, visiting school programs or seeing the goat program at work.  On a larger scale, it heightened my compassion, curiosity and conviction that we must continue to honour our partners, grow the successful programs, let go of those that do not meet objectives and always be open to new opportunities.  I have learned the importance of conviction, patience and fluidity.
Global Friends is an organization full of dynamic change-makers – leaders and volunteers – that honours and fulfills their mandate of supporting orphaned and vulnerable children and the people who care for them.  They know how to effectively use our money, energy and skills to support these children, ensuring outcomes worthy of our further investment!

PAUL GIORNO | Penalta Group, See the Summit Participant, Mama Jane Playground Designer, GFF Ambassador

GFF benefits, and continues to benefit, me by providing perspective – a perspective on how blessed we are to live in a country like Canada with its endless well of opportunities. This is something that I began to understand once I visited Tanzania, met the locals and children. Most of these citizens were born into poverty. It takes an unbelievably determined and strong individual to persevere through such circumstances. Global Friends and their team helps guide and encourages this process, starting with the children within these communities. What they have accomplished to date is beyond what words can describe. Thousands of children now see that they do have a future within their communities and the potential for careers as educated adults. Something that we unknowingly take for granted…..

OPPORTUNITY! GFF gives orphans and other less fortunate children the opportunity to attend schools, allowing them to work towards a career as they grow-up. Along with numerous other things initiatives, GFF gives communities the opportunity to become self-sustaining, by providing the essential needs to live, such as a well, while doubling as a source of income.

CALLUM WALLACE | Engel and Volkers Real Estate Agent, See the Summit Participant, FORE! Rafiki volunteer and participant

It’s really nice working for /towards an organization where you see the dollars you donate/raised actually doing something. There are so many charities out there which I have donated to that I have no clue where that money has gone or what its done… GFF you can actually see and feel like you’re truly helping. The Instagram and FB photos I always see remind me every day of how far we and the kids have come. Global Friends is happiness!

BETH ROBERTSON | Volunteer, Board Member, Multiple GFF Events Participant, Fundraiser, Donor

GFF reminds me of how a community thousands of kilometers away can be intimately tied together simply by the act of giving something of ourselves. The size of the act doesn’t matter – the love and compassion behind it means everything.

CAROLINA MONCADA | Donor, Fundraiser, Zumba for Rafiki Participant

Global Friends is amazing and real, and needs everyone’s help to continue doing an excellent job!

LINO GIORNO | Volunteer, Donor

Global Friends is children with smiles, opportunity and dreams.