Introducing Brighter Futures

Global Friends believes that education is essential. We’ve witnessed the transformations that take place for those who can access education that is appropriate for their individual life circumstances. We have seen how the impact of education extends to reach the families and the communities in which our scholars live and contribute.

Education can be the difference between a productive and fulfilling life and one that is devastated by poverty, dependence and frustration. Our focus is on vocational training, schools in needy areas, and core learning scholarships for orphans and vulnerable youth. We aim to help as many children as we can become proficient in the basics of reading, writing and mathematics so that they can continue to learn, manage their own finances, understand and negotiate pricing and express their ideas. Our support of education is always intended to support pathways that lead to self-sustainability.


We realized early on that many impoverished areas do not have people with the essential skills needed to support their communities. With the end goal of employment always in mind, we began funding the construction of teaching blocks and hiring of educators for youth vocational training centres.  This has been one of our most impactful programs. Global Friends vocational training programs include:

  • tailoring
  • hair and beauty
  • agriculture
  • food preparation and,
  • training in construction trades

After receiving more than $400,000 in funding from Penalta Group, we decided it was time for Global Friends to give something to our longtime partner and friend. In September 2018, Global Friends thanked and honored Penalta by committing to building Penalta Place Trades Academy, a vocational training centre committed to instruction on construction that will change lives and communities for generations to come.

To make a donation to one of our Vocational Training programs, please follow the link to our fundraising page!


Global Friends believes that a basic education includes reading, writing and basic math. These skills empower people to understand their rights, communicate with communities, protect their possessions and finances, and continue to learn.

To help donate to building classroom blocks, please visit our fundraising page!

With our partners, Global Friends identifies areas in need that have communities committed to the betterment of their children through education. Most schools are built in blocks of four classrooms. We provide funding for the structure (walls, roof, windows), school desks, teacher tools and scholarships.

Vvumba School | St. Joseph’s High School, Uganda

Vvumba was the first school Global Friends funded. Our donors allowed St. Joseph’s High School to be reconstructed. This inspirational project was completed in partnership with ARUWE (Action for Rural Women’s Empowerment) and brought together students, staff, people from the community and construction experts.  The once unstable building that served less than 200 students nowhas multiple school blocks, container classrooms for vocational training for tailoring and cooking, and welcomes close to 700 student. This school is transforming lives and the entire community.
Read the Personal Stories of Students of Vvumba’s Vocational Training

Mango Tree School | Kasubi Primary School, Uganda

In 2015, children sat attentively in their “classroom” under an enormous mango tree. The class was beautiful but impractical. Once the rainy season came, class was dismissed, for months. In 2017, Global Friends donors provided the funding to build classroom blocks and teacher dormitories. Laurel Hyde funded the installation of an essential latrine. The students at the school and the community support of flourished.

The growth of Kasubi will continue. More classroom will be built as the site becomes recognized to honour Anne and Bruce Hawkins, the parents of Global Friends Founder, Catherine Mulvale. More news to follow.

TITAN School | Katulago Primary School

The TITAN (Teaching Independent Thoughts, Actions and Necessary Skills) was built to honour Ontario Teacher, Beth Robertson. Funded through friends, family and students of Beth as well as the generous support of Kerry and Dana Reinke, TITAN is bringing new hope to hundreds of children in a remote area of Uganda.


Global Friends offers scholarships to youth who demonstrate aptitude, express appreciation for education, and who understand the value and importance of education. When applying for a scholarship, each child is evaluated by members of the Global Friends team, teachers and mentors in their home communities as well as the academic institutions to which they apply. To make a donation to Global Friends Scholarships please follow the link: DONATE!

Wezesha Scholarship Program | Tanzania

Offered in Partnership with the Foundation for Empowerment and Advocacy (FEA) in Tanzania, this transformational program was inspired by the belief that the destiny of young people should not be tied to the circumstances of their parents. The Wezesha Scholarship Program is designed to inspire and empower youth through education in vocational training and leadership skills. ALL of the graduates of the programs we have supported are employed in the chosen areas.

Rafiki Children | Tanzania

The very first Global Friends program was the construction and support of the Rafiki Orphan Care Home. It supported 38 children. Over the years, we have continued to support these children through their educational journey. This has resulted in the introduction of teachers, professionals in the tourism industry and students who are currently enrolled in vocational training and universities in Tanzania. They are all wonderful young people who are educated, competent and hopeful. We are so proud of these children.