Creating new pathways

Global Friends is helping orphaned and vulnerable children around the world thrive despite the crushing barriers that are part of poverty. Our efforts focus on creating pathways that lead to self-sustainability.

We started small. Our first project began in 2007 when we funded the construction of a new home and learning centre for 38 orphans. With the help of generous donors, incredible partners and the hearts of thousands, we now support over 7,000 children. It’s been an incredible journey and one that we believe is just beginning. Below are just a few of our successes so far:


Provided funding to construct and provide ongoing support to eight schools.


Provided Mama Jane’s orphan home with a playground, kitchen upgrade, business renovation, chickens, clothing and scholarships.

Constructed the Rafiki Orphan Care Home and provided essential support and scholarships for 38 kids, installed water for drinking, hygiene, gardens.


Installed four vocational training classrooms in tailoring, cooking, agriculture, hair and beauty and have four more planned.


Funded futures through scholarships from grade school to university.


Funded the development of a Mobile Health Unit.
Partnered with Wheels for Life to distribute bikes.
Fund GOATs – Gaining Opportunity to Achieve and Triumph – shared 50+ goats that have multiplied and continue to do so!!!
Provided clothing, school supplies, shoes and income to 1000+ through our Dress for Success Program