BARACK | Orphan, Global Friends Scholarship Recipient

I would like to thank GFF for providing us with a bridge to cross to our own success. Children at Rafiki before Global Friends would only eat once or twice a day or even go for days without food. Attending the government schools was not good. There are too few teachers and the number of students is very high. The teachers cannot provide attention to all of these children and the quality of the tools are not adequate. These days we enjoy a good education and there is enough food. In the future, my ambition is to be a civil engineer. If it is possible, I will try my level best to help children who are orphans just like you have helped us.

FLORA | Orphan, Global Friends Scholarship Recipient

Life at Rafiki before Global Friends was so tough. We did not have enough food. Nowadays we have water, food projects, we get a good education. That is why we are happy now. One day I would like to be a professional lawyer so that I can support orphans like you have supported us. Thank you for supporting us.

ROBERT | Orphan, Global Friends Scholarship Recipient

Without GFF we didn’t have an education and we could not fulfill our dreams. Now we can be what we are destined to be.

ISAAC ASSENO | Orphan, Professional Tour Guide, Founder of Global Friends Expeditions, Global Friends Ambassador

When we were at Rafiki, it was so hard. Now we are facing forward and can forget about the hard life we lived. I didn’t know then that I could reach my dreams. Now we can do much better — we can be more. Now I have a chance to sustain my life. When I can work independently then I can share this with Rafiki and where I came from. I want to thank you guys.
Global Friends is the best organization. They go beyond the daily basic needs for food, shelter and clothes. Global Friends supports and helps vulnerable children and orphans live their lives in a better way so they can fulfill their dreams.

The light of Global Friends in our lives is so huge. We attend good schools and colleges so that we can work and become independent. We all have new skills from different places, nice classrooms for studying, a better house to stay in with comfortable beds than we were living with before. We have safe water. Also, GFF helps the community in Africa and neighborhoods by providing essential gifts like Shoes that Grows, pens, clothing and exercise books.

We love you deeply and are so proud of you. Asante Sana.

JOHNSON MBABAZI | Head Teacher, Kasubi Primary School (Mango Tree School), Uganda

Head Teacher, Mango Tree School, Uganda, GFF fund recipient zThe love that Global Friends has given the Mango Tree School in particular and Uganda in general is beyond compare and how I wish this could reach global horizons.
Pupils have had a chance to study in well-built classrooms and this has school enrollment increasing.

Parents have seen a ray of hope for their children’s education in addition to cutting costs that would incur by building classrooms that Global Friends has done.

Teachers had a chance to experience meaningful profession in better structures. the staff house has cut on rent costs and that money is being channeled to meaningful investments. Teachers now attend to pupils in time and for more hours as they stay in school. Results are expected for the better.
Long live Global Friends!

VENANCE BAITWA | Orphan, Nephew of Respicius Baitwa, Engineer, Mountain Guide, GFF Scholarship Recipient,

Global friends has benefited me by helping me accomplish things that I would never imagined could be accomplish by myself. This includes providing a scholarship for guiding school.
Global friends has been hope for many kids as it helps them reach their greatest potential through education and provide them with the necessary basic needs.

Global Friends provided me with awareness on different kinds of lives and helped me realize there is so much we could do to help those in need to make the world a better place.

I have also learned not to take things — like education and food — for granted. To some people these are myth, I have learned to always be grateful.
Most importantly, I learned that happiness is a choice and I choose to be happy. After seeing many kids at the orphan centers who are full of life and they can manage to smile despite their circumstances.

Global Friends is a light which shines when everything else has faded away.

RICHARD WABIBI | Orphan, Mama Jane’s Orphan Home

Global Friends is amazing and the best organization because it is bringing us hope to work/match moving forward through their support in different ways like: health, education, and so on. Especially at the Mama Jane’s center. We thank all of you, Catherine and your team.